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About Me

Hey, I'm Samuel.

I'm a website, java & game developer based in Brisbane, Australia. I started coding back in 2016 out of a passion for technology and games. Since then I have worked on expanding my knowledge of programming languages.

These days, I spend most of my time working on website development and java programming as a freelance developer. In my spare time, I enjoy playing around with Minecraft and using Java to see what unique experiences can be created. I also enjoy learning more about emerging technology. I also enjoy working with the Unity3D game engine to play with different game concepts and ideas. I'm currently working on developing a Collectible Card Game called Pixel Tavern.

Below are some previews of my work and a link to my whole portfolio. You can also find some examples of the code that I have written on my GitHub profile.

If you're looking to have a project built, or have any questions about some of the work you see on my portfolio, send me an email by clicking here send me a message using the contact form below.

What I Do

Website Development

Having a beautifully designed, mobile responsive website is key to being seen on the internet.

I help clients design and develop fast & responsive websites to stand out on the internet.

Java Development

Java can be used for so many different tasks including desktop and game development.

I primarily work with clients looking to build unique Minecraft experienced.

Node.JS Development

Node.js is a back-end environment used in a number of different web application settings.

I user Node.js to work mainly with communities to build unique Discord bots.

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Contact Me

If you're looking to have a project built or want to have a chat about if a project is possible or want any information about me or my design & development process, feel free to get in touch for an obligation free chat.